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Admirality Inlet

A social club consisting of Amateur Radio Operators and interested persons who share interest in radio, pleasure marine and technical activities.

- - PLARC Breakfast Changes - -

Please take the time to review the changes in Breakfast location and dates. You, PLARC members were asked to participate in a test of differing venues, dates and breakfast styles. On January 23rd the members present decided to make the following changes.

1. The breakfast venue will alternate between The Point Casino Fresh Market Buffet and The Seven Brothers Restaurant (menu service) at Seven Cedars Casino monthly.

2. The Point Buffet will continue to be on Sundays while the Seven Brothers order off the menu will be on Saturdays.

It is important that you check the Breakfast info below to determine where the current month breakfast is scheduled. Also, the restaurants have asked the Club to make a reservation by no later than the Wednesday before the breakfast. This means you must decide and sign up in advance. No more Thursday, Friday, (Saturday) or Sunday sign-ups either online or on the morning Net.

Online sign up is easy. Just click the Breakfast Reservation link below. If you have any breakfast questions, you may call Club Secretary, Nancy.

- - 2020 W.E. Whitney STEM Scholarship - -

Invitations and application forms have been sent to the Jefferson County High Schools. The PLARC STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering and Math) Scholarship is awarded each year in remembrance of our Club's founder W.E. Whitney WO7O.

- -What's Happening Calendar - -


- - Club Luncheon - -

- - The Next Luncheon is July 08th, 2020 at Ferino's - -

Come join us for lunch. We meet every Wednesday at 11:30 am at Ferinos Pizza in Port Hadlock except the Fourth Wed of each month lunch is held at Fat Smitty's at 11 am in Discovery Bay. However in January we will be meeting at Ferino's on the 4th Wed. Still confused? check the Club's calendar above. The restaurants appreciates a head count in advance so if you are unable to check in on the Boater's Net please click on the link below to sign up.

Click Here -> Lunch Reservation <- Click Here

- - The Next PLARC Breakfast - -

- - Will be on July 18th, 2020 at CANCELLED - -

Anyone interested in ham radio is invited to breakfast July 18th, 2020 at CANCELLED @ 10:00 AM.

Please join us for good conversation and fellowship. If you plan to attend, the restaurants have asked the Club to make a reservation in advance. To this end we must ask that you signup indicating your participation by no later than Wednesday lunch. It is very easy to signup, just click on the link below!

Click Here -> Breakfast Reservations << Click Here

- - Amateur Radio Exams - -

As of 4/16/12 No regularly scheduled VE Amateur radio test sessions are scheduled. If you would like to take an exam please contact the PLARC Radio Officer to arrange a time for your test. Typically testing occurs on Wednesdays prior to the Club's lunch at Ferino's. If you have a special exam need, please include your need in your communications with the PLARC Radio officer. We may be able to accommodate you.


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