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News and Other Interesting Items

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- 2019 William E. Whitney Scholarship -

Scholarship award winner Raphael Bakin with mother Debbie Bakin and presenter John Gerke

The Port Townsend High School Awards Ceremony for 2019 was held at the Blue Heron Middle School Commons in Port Townsend at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 3, 2019. Vice-president John Gerke (KI7T) of the Port Ludlow Amateur Radio Club (PLARC) presented the 2019 William E. Whitney Scholarship Award of $1000 to Raphael Bakin (KI7KGV), a senior at Port Townsend High School. Raphael is an outstanding student and is especially gifted in assisting and tutoring fellow students. He plans to attend the University of Washington in Seattle this fall.

PLARC established this scholarship to support students who have demonstrated a commitment to completing their engineering education and have financial hardships that make it difficult to pay for the cost of attending college. This scholarship is intended to help them reach their educational goals and must be applied toward their tuition.

William “Bill” Whitney was a long time resident of Quilcene, WA and son of the founder of the famous Whitney Gardens. Bill was an Electrical Engineering graduate of the University of Washington. He went on to be a WWII B-26 pilot, but was shot down and spent much of the war in Stalag Luft III near Poland. Later he had an engineering career at Chevron Oil around the world and retired in Jefferson County at the home where he passed away in 2015. He was an inspiration to all of us Amateur Radio Operators in the county and was instrumental in the creation of several on the air “nets” to service the marine and boating public. Everyone knew his call sign, WO7O.

PLARC will continue their fundraising to prepare for the 2019 applicants.


- - Check out KI7MH's Catch

Murray sent me this picture June 4th. What a catch . . .270 lbs.

Murray's Halibut


Port Ludlow Tower

Well, the end of an era is approaching. As many of you know the Port Ludlow radio tower is coming down. The Club has been working with the EOC and the LMC trying to broker an arrangement where the tower could stay as a community resource. Time was not on our side. We were unsuccessful in our endeavor and we were given November 1 as a drop dead date where the Club's equipment must be off the tower. We were able to comply and accomplished the removal on Wed. October 15th.

To see some pictures of the Club's effort back in 1998 to remove the old Summit Cable junk and install the Club's repeater antenna click here.

UPDATE: 80 feet of the old tower is once again back in duty. After being inspected the tower is freestanding with over 9 cu yds of concrete holding it upright. Supporting the old Sheriff's antenna the tower now provides the 443.425 (103.5 tone) with a new home. Pretty awesome!

Here are a couple of pictures from its new home.

Why yes that is the original base.





- -Everett Johnson W7TCA SK

Everett "Bud" Johnson W7TCA a long time resident of Port Ludlow is now a Silent Key. Read more about Bud.

--Arnold Samuels KH6COY

Arnold Samules

Arnold, a long time PLARC Member, speaks first hand about his life and his time as an American GI. His family escaped Nazi Germany in 1937, returned as an American GI and helped liberate the concentration camp at Dachau. At war’s end, he served in the Counter Intelligence Corps with another 22-year-old sergeant, Henry Kissinger, as the Allies set up a de-Nazified government and searched for war criminals.

Read More of Arnold Samuels' Story...

PLARC Estate and Other Equipment Disposal Policy

As a number of our members have become SK's It became clear to the Board that a uniform policy and procedure be in place inc ase surviving family members seek out the Club in an effort to liquidate or dispose of radio equipment. After much consideration and discussion a policy along with procedures and other documentation has been developed and approved by the Board. To view the Club's take, please click >>here<< for the complete policy and procedures.

2018 Tailgate'r a Success!

This June marked the sixth annual Port Ludlow Amateur Radio Club old fashion tailgate 'r swap meet. Dan Withers WM7W coordination efforts did not go un-noticed. This year we had more sellers and more buyers coming from further away! Oregon? Yes!! He chose PLARC over the Wenatchee Ham Fest! All in all about 75 people attended and a fair number of items were exchanged.

WR7V took some pictures of the event. To see them click here.

Special Club Dates

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