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Port Ludlow Tower

As many of you know the old Summit Cablevision head end tower will be coming down soon. The tower was donated to the Jefferson County Sheriff when Summit abandoned its Port Ludlow cable head end in favor of the larger and more capable site in Port Townsend.

With plenty of work the Port Ludlow Club obtained permission from Sheriff Paccinni in 1998 to collocate the Club's UHF repeater on the tower. However, before any new antennas could be added to the tower, all of the old cable antennas needed to be removed. Below is a compilation of pictures of the removal of the old antennas and installation of the Club's antenna. Persons pictured; Jack Schmidt, Jerry Jensch, Lee Watts, Bud Johnson, Bill Whipple and Phil Ferrel. Special recognition to Steve Goggins - K7LZJ the tower guru.

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