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N7PL Repeater


PLARC operates a club UHF repeater on 441.575 MHz . The repeater requires a CTCSS access of 103.5 Hz.

Using a Phelps Dodge eight bay folded dipole antenna atop a 150 foot Rohn tower coverage includes most of the northern Puget Sound region. The Club uses the repeater for staying in touch with members while they cruise the Northwest waters.

All amateurs are welcome to use the club's repeater. You will find an informal group gathering around 19:00 hours local time for just good conversation and fascinating stories.

N7PL/R uses an Icom 3010 repeater, TE systems 110 watt power amplifier, TX-RX duplexor and Wacom bandpass cavities. The feed line going up the tower is 1 1/4 inch hardline with solid copper center conductor.

The repeater floats on two D8 sized gel cells. The batteries are maintained with a smart charger designed for gel cells.

The result is several days of operation with out the benefit of commercial power in the event of an emergency.

If you have questions about the club's repeater click on the button below and finish the email form. Someone will respond shortly.